Silver spring

Last week, spring was in full bloom

With no ice on the lake

And swimming dogs in the sunset.


Today, it’s the spring equinox

And we celebrate with a silver dawn

And lots of snow.

Silver morning copy

The swans formed a heart

That seemed to be saying:

Don’t complain – just enjoy!

Grey geese

For more silver skies, please visit: Skywatch.

92 thoughts on “Silver spring

  1. It’s been a topsy-turvy weather week for sure, but beautiful no matter what. I love the tug of war as the seasons change. That first photo sums up how I feel at the spring equinox – full of hope.

    As an aside, are they really grey geese? They look more like whooper swans (sångsvan).


    1. I thought they were swans, but then a Swedish woman said they were grey geese. You might be right – they DO look more swan-like, don’t they?

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


      1. “then a Swedish woman said they were grey geese I had to laugh at this, remembering a Swedish woman (a teacher as well) who told me that Sydney was the capital of Australia and got quite shirty that I wouldn’t believe her.

        I’m pretty sure these are young whooper swans (still with juvenile grey brown plumage), especially looking at the beak colour and the length of their necks. But then what would I know? I’m just a silly woman who thinks Canberra is the capital of Australia… 🙂


  2. yay…come on spring..its actually supposed to get up in the 60s here today…i am rather excited after the ice storm on sunday/monday…maybe that was winters farewell…..lovely purple….


  3. Your photos are lovely and I’m so happy that spring as arrived in your area. I can’t believe how quickly the ice on your lake has melted. Every lake is frozen solid where I am. We had a little snow again today.


  4. Wow, the first shot is stunning..I love the color.. I have to admit, I am tired of seeing snow. But your snowy scene is beautiful. Have a happy weekend!


  5. And how could one not enjoy this, Fiona. Just lovely!
    Around here we call all ‘spring snowfalls’ the farmers fertilizer.


  6. Winter seems to be having a hard time leaving in much of this country too. Many of our snow-bird neighbors are wondering if they should extend their stay (the end of March is usually a huge exodus from Florida and the other snow bird states). You make winter look so beautiful I almost wish I could experience it. Almost.


  7. I love the pinks in that first image in contrast to the black and white images at dawn. Many parts of the world have been having long cold winters and a reluctant spring. We learn to take what comes and let go of our expectations to enjoy things the way they are!


  8. The swans forming the heart: fabulous!
    It is encouraging to know that Spring is officially here – even if Spring was greeted with snow in many places.


  9. You are right. There’s no reason to complain… We’ll just enjoy the weather—-whatever it is… Okay???? We have had a couple of warm days —but they say that winter is not finished with us yet…

    Great photos.


  10. We had heavy snow arrive today, too! After a beautiful day of sunny melting temps yesterday. Two steps forward, one step back – that’s the way Spring goes for us!! SLOWLY but surely we’re making progress toward seeing the earth under all this winter’s snow.
    Exquisite photos! And smart reminder from the swans – just enjoy. 🙂


  11. avrà la primavera candidi fiocchi sui biondi capelli!
    la prima foto con il saluto al sole fa restare senza fiato, bellissime anche le altre
    abbi un buon inizio primavera…possibilmente senza neve

    will spring white flakes on the blonde hair!
    the first photo with the greeting to the Sun does remain breathless, beautiful also the other
    have a good early spring … possibly without snow


  12. Wow: “silver dawn and lots of snow” plus some “swans – that have – formed a heart”… So happy to enjoy of all these beauties! … fantastic landscapes!!


  13. The same happened here, this morning.. though it’s never looked like spring. Just 15cm more to add the the 3 feet of pre-existing white stuff! Your photos, as always, are lovely. That first one is so dreamy.


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