Wonky or leafy?

I’m off to England at the end of the week and this has inspired me to show you some of the adorable houses in West Sussex, where my sister lives.

What do you prefer?

Shakespearian with wonky beams…


… Or a cottage

With a thatched roof;


A leafy green window

Making art in the summer sun;


Or perhaps a house with iron railings

And bejewelled cobwebs.


The most popular house in England is probably the pub —

Now with gourmet food and a great sense of humour!


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78 thoughts on “Wonky or leafy?

  1. Have a great time. It’s not quite spring yet but it feels like it’s on the way. At least it’s stopped #*$?ing raining. Watch out for potholes. Quite a lot of the roads are damaged. 🙂 G


  2. They are all wonderful but my favorites are the window with all the ivy and the bejeweled cobwebs! Have a great time! Can’t wait to see what photos you bring back.


  3. THey are all adorable. In post-graduate studies, I enjoyed most of all courses in English literature. And I’m a Downton Abbey fan. Does that count too? Thanks for a different perspective today and safe travels to the United Kingdom. I’m sure you’ll find many photo mementos there.


  4. I love them all and what a fun, colorful post for the day, Fiona!!! I, too, can’t wait to see what you bring back for us to see!! Great idea, the husband creche!!! Enjoy!!!


  5. smiles, it depends, is the place that requires beer money wonky or thatched? If it is wonky then wonky if it is thatched it is thatched. But, since am kinda organic in form myself I tend to be more thatched. I’ll never forget the thatched crofter cottages on the Isle of Skye. My last name is Sutherland so I have a Scottish bent.


  6. These are all charming shots. I have a weakness for stone cottages with thatched roofs but they all look great. I hope you have a fun and safe trip.


  7. Isn’t blogging fun? I just finished a tour of London on another blog and now I get to see all these lovely country houses and finish up with a touch of British humor. And there’s nothing better than that to my mind.


  8. Have a good time. I think the historic places are so wonderful. I had a great time when I visited England, France, Scotland and a wee bit of Wales years ago on a tour. Wish I could have seen more!


  9. Have a wonderful time in my home country! How lovely that your sister lives there. I miss the British sense of humour!
    I love the cottages.


  10. in uno dei miei viaggi in GB sono stata anche io molto affascinata da questo tipo di romantiche case e dai loro tetti molto strani, la casa di Shakespeare a Stratford on Avon, poi mi è sembrata particolarmente minuscola, quasi non fosse stata abitata da un uomo così GIGANTE
    buona giornata mia cara Lady
    in one of my trips in the UK are also very fascinated by this kind of romantic homes and from their very strange roofs, the home of Shakespeare in Stratford on Avon, then it seemed particularly tiny, almost had not been inhabited by a GIANT man


  11. That’s a good holiday. The place looks beautiful. I am unable to choose just one house which I can say is the best. All are good in their own way but the last pic stole the show. I might take up that advice. 😉


  12. OMG; LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL place to visit. Have a marvelous time with your sister♡♡♡
    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  13. i am hard pressed to choose .. i think i need to go look at them first hand .. yeah, that’s what i need to do .. some day soon


  14. I love the thatched roof – it reminds me of my favourite book when I was little about “Milly Molly Mandy” who lived in a thatched roof house in a little village in England. I love the idea of the crèche for husbands! I think here we call it the “men’s shed”.
    Have a wonderful trip to England. Thank you for stopping by my blog this week.


  15. I’ll take every one of them, please! And throw in the spousal-creche; I’m happy to stay with The Boys while someone else trots about doing the chores and running errands. 😉


  16. You’re post has reminded me why I’ve returned from Australia to the UK. We’re living in our country cottage and loving it although it doesn’t have a thatched roof…well not so far ;D
    Fantastic photos!


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