96 thoughts on “The no sky sky

      1. The jetty is to the right of the shot. It’s nearly all covered in snow – but the metal ladder rail is sticking up so you know where to walk…


  1. Wonderful captures for the day as always and Oscar does look regal indeed! It looks cold, but so beautiful! Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful world and skies!! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Winter scene is absolutely taken beautifully. Oscar is such a good fellow to stay put and not scratch, chase a squirrel or turn around just as you click the shutter. He deserves an Oscar for being so well trained. Both photographs are absolutely top notch.
    JM Illinois


  3. Oh my … you are presenting a wonderful winter landscape again. Great to see all that snow.
    We haven’t had any snow at all so far, but I’m glad we’ve had two wonderful winter days vesterday and today. But tomorrow it will rain again. 😦
    Enjoy your weekend in your snowy world, LadyFi!


  4. So strikingly pretty! You always manage to catch the loveliest light of day.
    And bonus – it’s my kind of landscape & there’s Oscar, too! (I thought it was Oscar, do you still have Ruby on board with you, too?)


  5. It may be a mild winter for you, but one tenth of that would caused total chaos where I live!
    Your photos (as always) are outstanding! Really good…


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