93 thoughts on “Honey glow

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL poem to go with this frosty scene out side my window! Don’t let the sun shine fool you it’s FREEZING!


  2. So beautiful! I keep insisting to people that there is something special about the light in Stockholm and am told that I’m havering, but I’m sure that nowhere else in the world am I so regularly stunned by sunrises and sunsets and warm glows like in your first picture!


  3. The church (I guessed that it was a church) across the water is stunning! As always, you capture the most golden light of day.
    Today I’m going to keep watch for sundogs.. with the cold temps & shining sun, we’ve had them quite a bit lately.


  4. the sun certainly brightens the dark winter corners – a gift which lightens the mood. Always a joy to visit you.
    Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by my blog today.


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