Of beached submarines, forts and mist

The mist hung thick over the trees —

A perfect day for a walk!

Misty track

The woods were full of mischievous sprites.


A pylon loomed suddenly out of the mist

Like an iron giant.


Walking up the hill to The Fort,

We spent a moment by a trench dug in 1914

Wishing for peace in the world.


Finally, our destination appeared out of the fog –

Looking like a beached submarine —

An old bunker from the First World War that was never used.

It was built almost a hundred years ago by Swedes

Waiting for an enemy that never came.

How like us humans to focus on building walls

When so often the enemy is within.

beached sub

For more mist-ical stories, please visit: Our World.

81 thoughts on “Of beached submarines, forts and mist

  1. I love to walk on foggy days!! Terrific pics as always — you do indeed capture the beauty! And the old bunker is such an interesting sight. And such sad and true words.

    “How like us humans to focus on building walls

    When so often the enemy is within.”

    Have a great week!!


  2. Oscar has perfect coloring for this time of year! I almost missed him in the first photo! I adore your wood sprites! What a darling photo! All of this is just so charming and makes me a bit chilled!


  3. I have nothing to say that almost all your commenters have already said so well! Though I love Jim’s description best: “enchanting and wonderfully wise.” Wonderful post, and I enjoyed both Oscar leading the way through the woods and the mischievous woodland sprites!


  4. Your photos remind me of walking through the woods in Cherbourg where occasionally you stumble across a gun emplacement or bunker. I love the mischievous sprites and their cheeky faces 🙂


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