94 thoughts on “Blueberry swirl

  1. What a beautiful view you have – I’d love to wake up to a sight like that each day. Is that sjörok I see in the distance – it creates a lovely dream like quality to an already fairy-tale scene.


  2. A wonderful colour effect. Isn’t it amazing how many difference moods the sky can show. It reminds me of a rose I could not resist buying because of associations with Luis Armstrong singing “Blueberry Hill”. Even though the perfume is not as strong as I like, how could I resist a rose called ‘Blueberry Hill”?


  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Blueberry Swirl! Like George, this title made «Louis» start craving ice cream!
    (He is VERY picky about ice cream. He only likes TWO kinds:
    1) Home made
    2) Store bought. )


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