Drops of beauty

In nature – as in photography – even the smallest details

Can be a great subject.

Monochrome copy

Take the simple raindrop

As it adorns late autumn plants,

Droplets copy

Turns leaves

Into tiny cups of water

Cups of water

And see how it frames and enhances

A lilac-petalled beauty.

Passion flower copy

For more drops of beauty, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

Visit the beautiful I heart macro too.

102 thoughts on “Drops of beauty

  1. The first image, the black, the white: no Prophets, no Messiahs, no mystic orators, could ever serve up a more inspiring image as this. The line, the twist, the glance upward -stone Buddhas are blushing in gardens everywhere.


  2. It looks like you take the water sprayer everywhere you when taking macros of your plants, dear Lady Fi! 😉
    Currently I was at Sweden (Södertälje & Stockholm), but I didn’t met you. Obviously you were hidden behind one of your photographic objects of desire!
    Beautiful photographs, Fiona!
    Med välnig hälsning, Uwe.


  3. The droplets really are like jewels (as they say..) and the cobwebs so lovely. I like them all but my favourites are the 2nd and 3rd. I must remember Macro Monday!


  4. I love this set – they’re all so delicate and beautiful. But that second one with the bejeweled spider web is dazzling! Absolutely my favorite of the bunch. Well done! (As always!)


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