Dances with leaves

Last weekend dawned glorious and mild.

Bright tree copy

The autumn leaves lay heaped up and knee-deep…

Who could resist their invitation to dive in and take a leaf bath?

The kids couldn’t…

Autumn kids copy

And neither could I!

My daughter caught me dancing with leaves.


Meanwhile, Oscar enjoyed the autumn sunshine

In a more dignified manner.

Oscar copy

For more autumn (or spring) fun, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

96 thoughts on “Dances with leaves

  1. The first photo is gorgeous! I love the kids taking a leaf bath and you dancing with the leaves! And I always love seeing Oscar.
    Have a great week


  2. Your kids are gorgeous! That has to be one of the most spectacular portraits ever! Simply wonderful photos! In his heyday, Oscar would have been right in the midst of it yipping and twirling with joy! Glorious colors! You look like a forest nymph!


  3. I’m disappointed that Oscar didn’t take a swim 🙂 Aren’t the leaves and colours fantastic this year? I’m loving the season – and your fabulous photos.


  4. Oh, how beautiful, Fiona!! Such wonderful colors! Love seeing the children and you playing in the leaves — mine did the same thing when they were that age! And Oscar looks SO dignified as he enjoys them!! Fun captures for the day and, yes, everyone enjoying the day in their own way indeed! Thank you for sharing the fun!! Have a great week!


  5. Oscar always puts a BIG smile on my face. 🙂 And your great photography, too Lady Fi – the pics are outstanding, moody and always a very nice compostion.

    Lost of love to the two of you from Cambridge


  6. For once Oscar is the one being dignified! Your autumn is glorious – all those big trees raining leaves. The lake’s refection is so spectacular.


  7. What a lovely post! When the grandchildren were small we used to go to the Botanical Gardens and bury ourselves in the heaps of leaves . . . the gardeners were not amuse but we certainly were.

    I am having immense problems uploading a photo to the link, it keeps on bringing a photo from weeks ago and there is no way I can change it. Since the photo is of grey water, it is not exactly inviting to come and see the wonders my present world offers. I am really at my wit’s end. Even with the wrong photo it wipes out my ULR so I cannot be found. I wonder what God or Mr.Linky are playing at? Can you help? In the older version of Mr.Linky I never had a problem.


  8. Thanks, I would love you to link me up properly. Sorry, I had no idea you had to have the post linked. I’m just not up to all the new changes yet. Will do better next time.


  9. That first photo is wonderful, you caught the stillness and the colours perfectly. A timeless autumn shot, and I love your title and the shot of you dancing in the golden leaves 🙂


  10. I love the view across the lake, with all the trees there wearing their autumn best!!! I love to scuff through the leaves, and hear the sound they make!!!


  11. Lovely and fun filled shots! I keep meaning to go on a color tour before the leaves all blow away. lol Yours is so inviting!!


  12. These photos absolutely capture the joy of Fall. Everyone is enjoying the season as well they should. Great photo descriptions too. Have a wonderful week.


  13. We don’t have autumn leaves falling like this in abundance – only where someone might have a tree that sheds it leaves – Australian trees don’t do that – so I have no idea what this feels like – but it looks like fun! Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.


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