Ode to autumn

Leaves quietly cover a forest path.

Oscar leads the way…

Leafy Path

Around the bend, we come across the perfection

Of clouds, warm stone church and the flaming torches

Of the trees.

Panorama copy

The churchyard is ablaze with colour;

Leaves crunch underfoot.


The warm red of the priest’s shed

Matches the leaves.

Wooden hut

Time to head home

Under the canopy of a dramatic sky.

Moody tractor

Oscar is more than happy with his walk —

For this is the radiant joy that is autumn.


For more fall foliage and other stories, please visit: Our World.

90 thoughts on “Ode to autumn

  1. Hold on tightly to Oscar, otherwise I’ll come and kidnap him… He always looks so cute, what a gorgeous dog! 🙂 Brilliant colors and photography, I enjoyed the post very much indeed. Big hug to you and lots and lots of pats for the sunnyboy from Norfolk


  2. Oh what glorious photos! I love the stone church surrounded by the beautiful autumn colors! Loved seeing Oscar enjoying his walk!
    Enjoy your day!


  3. Gorgeous captures, Fiona!! And what incredible colors! Oscar took you on a great walk! What delightful pics to start my day! Hope you and your family and Oscar have a wonderful week!!


  4. A charming series of captures, Lady Fi. – the autumnal colours are captivating and the shot with the church and surrounds is most appealing. Thank you for sharing your stunning part of our world.


  5. Each individual photo stands on its own merit of brilliance, however, together they tell a perfect story in harmony with your skillfully chosen prose.


  6. leaves, leaves, leaves – I love ’em! Know you from FB, but I was visiting my “old” blog that I started “once” ago, but never really pursued – who knows I may change:)


  7. I loved the juxtaposition of the red church door and the autumn leaves. This post has brought me to your blog, and now I intend to follow. I’ve just done a post on autumn foliage on my blog, and at the end I included this article of yours in a list of links to other posts on autumn foliage from around the world. I look forward to reading more from you!


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