In the pink

The first frost of the season

Sprinkled the flowers

With pink and ice.

Frosted pink

Silken threads of web

Filled the spaces

Between frozen water drops.

Pink webs

The last rose of the season

Seemed more perfect in

Its imperfection


And dropped a single petal

As a farewell to summer.

Frosted petal copy

For more frosted stories, please visit: Our World.

102 thoughts on “In the pink

  1. Exquisite captures and I do love the detail as always! Perfection it is indeed!! Thanks for sharing the beauty, as always! Have a wonderful week!!


  2. You captured the end of summer beautifully with your photos. Love the frost on the flower even though the flower doesn’t love the frost.


  3. Your frosted flower pics are always bitter sweet to me- beautiful of course but I hate to see them in their last throes! Cheers, Danette


  4. Fiona this is such a delicious post, frosted pink roses spun into silk webs….this is the stuff of fairy tales 🙂
    We are still unseasonably warm over in Scotland. It was 17 degrees yesterday!


  5. Yet again beautiful photography but I can’t believe you have had a frost already. We are currently having quite a mild autumn



  6. Absolutely exquisite! The frost makes it even more beautiful!

    I am still in Germany but wedding celebrations are now slowing down and for the first time since arriving I have been able to do some long overdue comment moderation. It has been lovely visiting. I still have a few more days being with my family and will be making the journey home in a few days. Back to doing a little sight-seeing tomorrow in the meantime


  7. That scrim of frost adds a sugary glaze – sweet perfection. The rose wearing its heart shaped petals is frozen into elegance. Chilly and gorgeous shots, Fi. We’re to get more snow tonight.


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