Dragon sky

The autumn equinox rushed in

Like a ragged brow across the sky;

Ragged brow

A dragon breathing fire clouds

Of orange and rain.


The strange light in the sky

Pulled us up the hill


To witness the sight of purple turmoil in the sky

In contrast to the calm surface of the lake.

(A few seconds later, the heavens opened

And a gale force wind started blowing

Making us dash for home in a whirlwind

Of laughter and leaves.)

Purple rain

For more amazing skies, please visit: Skywatch.

109 thoughts on “Dragon sky

  1. I do like such views. I think it is quite possible that life could exist on a planet that is drab compared with our own. I believe we are very fortunate. Even more so now that we have means to record and show others. Have a duck for luck ,…..(‘)> 🙂


  2. That’s a wonderful cloud capture. I love the barge at the dock in the first picture. Looks like it could carry lots of good stuff up and down the lake. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post about a thunderstorm. – Margy


  3. What a dramatic and tempestuous clouds! Really awe-inspiring!
    well, I changed mail address. I am trying sending this via a new address.


  4. Hi! Very exciting captures. I have never seen such kind of clouds. The last photo of the contrast of the clouds ana the lake is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s Nice you and you dog are safe from the gale. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Oh my … these are truly stunning shots, LadyFi. The clouds are awesome and if that wasn’t enough, the light makes it absolutely spectacular. It must have been breathtaking to be there at that moment.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!


  6. AMAZING!!! I absolutely see the dragon in that phenomenal, dramatic sky! And as always, I love your writing that accompanies your photos, and can easily picture you and Oscar “dashing home in a whirlwind of laughter and leaves!” Absolutely brilliant post, one of my favorite ones ever!


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