The peaceful dawn

The sun rises early in the summer…

But it’s the loveliest time of the day

With just the peace of still waters,

A bird skimming over the sea

Dawn at cottage

And the sun calling out our name.

(Pictures taken at the little cottage by the sea on my mobile phone.)

Dawn - sun

For more peace, please visit: Skywatch.

84 thoughts on “The peaceful dawn

  1. Those are the perfect pictures of a peaceful morning and such a great way to start your day! Wonderful captures and what a great phone indeed!! Have a lovely weekend!


  2. nice…lovely shots of the water…its the water that calls me as much as the sun…
    back at school now as well….so the sun i get is early in the morning…ha…


  3. I wanted to say that you have an amazing phone camera there, but that would not give proper credit to your talent. So I will say that no matter what the instrument, you take stunning photos.



  4. So Very beautiful.. I can feel the peace when I look at your images and read your words. So well done. I love photos taken with a phone.
    Have a fine weekend coming up.


  5. Hope you enjoyed your break at your little cottage by the sea, and your early morning ‘Me’-Time!


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