England with a side order of clouds

A BIG thank  you to everyone for your comments on my posts while I was away.

Here are some big cloudy Sussex skies…

Clouds are a great topping for everything:

For hot horses in a field,


For my sister, the archer,


For bringing rain to the soft emerald hills

Flower field

And for thatched cottages

Nestled in cozy valleys.

Sussex skies

For more sky toppings, please visit: Skywatch.

76 thoughts on “England with a side order of clouds

  1. I hope the rain cooled things off. Great picture of your sister! Love the thatched roofs. Not something we’d see over here. They remind me of storybooks and fairy tales. 😉


  2. Oh, how cool that your sister is an archer! My eldest granddaughter likes archery too! And I LOVE the hot air balloons photo on your header. Fabulous!


  3. Terrific captures for the day!! And how cool indeed that your sister is an archer!! I love it!! Such lovely cottages and beautiful skies and clouds! It does look as though you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!!


  4. What a lovely trip, I love all the photos. Your sister the archer is fantastic and I love the horses. Beautiful countryside and pretty skies. Great post, have a happy weekend!


  5. Sounds like you had a great time…good to be back home again I bet. I really love the perspective on the shot of your sister…that’s beautiful.



  6. Oh, those soft emerald hills are beautiful. What a scene!
    I enjoy the archer shot – as I live in a houseful of archers. My ten year old son & husband were both taking target practice in the yard this afternoon.
    I also smiled at the label on the water for hot / muddy dogs and boots. 🙂


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