70 thoughts on “Rainbow joy

  1. 🙂
    Rainbows would be better if there really was that pot-o-gold, like they promise.
    I’ve searched and searched….only to be sorely dissapointed when I reached the end, with calloused feet and jacked up toes.
    Maybe I’ll just keep running to the end of the rainbows. I’m bound to be suprised one of these days, right?
    Have fun in England!!!!!!


  2. first shot……..there’s a dome over sweden!, no wait a bubble ,…well that’s the appearance……..surreal, magical and rather scifi-ish colour


  3. So gorgeous – aren’t full double rainbows the best? (We saw one as we headed home from our own trip, and it stayed with us for what felt like an hour – at one point I could literally see its end in the highway lane beside me! I’d never been so close to a rainbow before!) I really love how both of these lovely scenes are illuminated by the sun, too.

    Enjoy England! Did you get to see the new prince yet? 🙂


  4. How lucky you are to have this island, even for a few days!!! The double rainbow is beautiful, but my favourite image is the clothes pegs against the sunset!!! And I love the image of your kids and Oscar in the water!!!


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