90 thoughts on “Floating away

  1. Have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon? The views from up above are incredible and I recommend doing so if you haven’t already. xox


  2. Fantastic shot, gorgeous colors and incredible skies! One of the most fun times I’ve ever had was taking a balloon ride over the wine country in California with my youngest daughter! Wonderful to be able to look the eagle in the eye!! Have a lovely weekend, Fiona!


  3. Oh, wow! This is just marvelous. One of my dreams in life is fly in a hot air balloon.. and I might fine tune that wish, to fly at a magical hour of light like this!! Beautifully captured. Enjoy your quiet time together!


  4. Skies like that and an island to yourself – call me when I stop dreaming!!! Nice pictures.

    The shape, form and colour of the central Australia landscape may not be unique – but I’ve yet to see anything else like!

    Stewart M – Australia


  5. Stunning scenery once again, Fiona! This photo makes me want to either sit by the lake or take a ride on a hot air balloon! … Since it is sweltering HOT outside, I’d choose the former (under some shade with a tall glass of sangria!) …


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