The yin and yang of flying

The noise is what first attracted me.

A huge commotion of wings and flapping.

Swans are so ungainly when trying to take off for flight

Yet so graceful in the air.

Rainbow swan

The up and down of their wings,

The harmony, the pain and the beauty,

The yin and yang of life.

In flight

For more harmonies, please visit: Camera Critters.

64 thoughts on “The yin and yang of flying

  1. Beautiful images Fiona. I suppose we’re all a bit like swans, graceful in some things and yet so ungainly in others.


  2. They have so much weight to get air-born but when up and flying it’s a delight to our eyes. Beautiful captures Fi and hoping you enjoy a lovely weekend.


  3. Wow, more breathtaking photos of your wonderful lake.
    I love to watch swans, there is something so otherwordly and somehow spiritual about them.
    Yin and yang is a great link 🙂


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