On the ranch

There’s nowhere better to be

Than on the ranch on a hot summer’s day.

My hot dog, Oscar, and I can just hang out

Oscar and horse

And friends are always willing to give him a hug.

Oscar and spade

You can meet beautiful horses

Not afraid to roll in the mud


And, best of all, children can find

Good friends willing to share

The same hairstyle

And the same intense look of friendship.

Arc and Kickan

For more friendly creatures, please visit: Camera Critters.

61 thoughts on “On the ranch

  1. A wonderful, summery, happy post for the day!! Thanks for the smiles to start my day!! Oscar does indeed look happy!! Enjoy your weekend — all of you!!


  2. I love the photo of that gorgeous young girl with the beautiful horse! And Oscar, of course. Oh I wish you were closer! I don’t have horses, but I have dogs and flowers and I’m surrounded by the sea. Through your eyes, these could all be magic too! Gorgeous, dear Fiona! Just gorgeous. Of course I expect nothing less from you!


  3. I like the clever way you took the mirrored friend photo. My Granddaughter and your daughter would have plenty to talk about. Amanda loves to ride and takes weekly jumping lessons.


  4. Your pictures are wonderful! I wish your page loaded faster though… my connection through Comcast is slow anyway, and sometimes I get a “page not responding” message, which is incorrect; it just means it’s taking so long the browser times out.
    There are no faster connections here so I don’t visit your page as often as I want to. 😦


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