Field of wishes

As I lay on my stomach trying to photograph

The lovely way the dandelions catch the evening light,

I thought to myself:


What do you see?

A weed —

Or wishes?

Blown copy

Suddenly, the wind blew

And the tiny wishes

Floated away, like sparkling fairy dust.


For more glitter and glamour, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

79 thoughts on “Field of wishes

  1. Ha! I just posted “Field of Dreams” with dandelions that are in the flower stage! I love when they’re in the “wishing” stage! Lovely captures, LF!


  2. always beautiful images, words and sentiments. Getting down to ground level certainly gives us a different view of the world.
    Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.


  3. You have 73 comments!! wow!! You do have a way of isolating a single moment in time, freezing it, photoing it, and then writing such universal quiet thoughts…I am still learning from you. I really do like your mind. ..have a great day! cheers.


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