Smell the flowers

Summer is here with its sun, its rain

And its beauty.

Time to enjoy the present, be outside more

And smell the flowers.

(This means I might not be able to visit you at the weekend.

But, as always, your warmth and comments are always much appreciated.)

Smell the flowers copy

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61 thoughts on “Smell the flowers

  1. We will miss you and your lovely photographs and words… We will look forward to the winter when we can enjoy beautiful images of snow covered landscapes adorned by Sir Oscar… ❤



  2. Seeing your sweet dog makes me think of my Golden Retriever…she was my constant companion for twelve wonderful years. There is nothing as cheerful as the smile of a golden! Enjoy your time together…


  3. smiles…its a lovely pic…and been out enjoying it most of the day today…we had an art fair downtown so took the boys and got all kinds of messy…smiles…


  4. Imagine Oscar’s experience of smell when it comes to those flowers. Beautiful image. Are those grey hairs I’m seeing on his face? How old is he now. Fiona?


  5. A wonderful image Fi. Aren’t Lisianthus just gorgeous? … so feminine and pretty. Enjoy the warmer weather (I’m enjoying the cooler climes we are currently experiencing in the southern hemisphere!)


  6. Oscar looks gooooooooooooood in pink, I think. Enjoyment of the things born out of sunlight, warmth and moisture need to be lived in, close and personal as this image suggests. In summer who blame you for doing just that.

    Oh by the way I added an image to my last post, seems our eyes were looking close to the same direction.


  7. What a beautiful picture ladyfi! Our world belongs to every little being, not just humans. Every creature has the right to enjoy the same and your picture beautifully captures that.


  8. Oh that is so cute of Oscar smelling the lisianthus! I think the peony would smell better though. 🙂
    Have a great Sunday outdoors.


  9. Aw! Sweet Oscar! Sophie and he would make such a great couple!! She smells flowers all the time!
    Enjoy the sun!


  10. Hello. I popped in to thank you for visiting my blog. It’s always nice to meet new folk. Of course, I have fallen in love with your dog and your photographs are beautiful.


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