Sleepless in Stockholm

It’s hard to get sunset or sunrise shots at the moment with only three hours of night.

But a couple of days ago, as I was falling into a deep sleep at ten in the evening,

A loud hissing filled the bedroom. I ignored it.

Balloon 1

Another loud hissing.

So I dashed outside to catch the second balloon on the horizon.

It hung there in stillness

Before swooping down and disappearing.

Balloon 2

All that was left

Was the delicious pink swirl

Of another gloriously light summer evening.

Pink swirl

For more stories – with or without hot air – please visit: Skywatch.

99 thoughts on “Sleepless in Stockholm

  1. Definitely edible, highly nutritious. Movement and light, out of this world, literally. In my last post, there is a line the beginning which these images capture exactly what I was thinking when I wrote the words.

    When am in the north, an the days are long, I must admit I get little psycho from the lack of sleep. Glad I don’t have to live in it like you, just visit it from time to time.


  2. That is so worth interrupted sleep. Incredible sky and such fun to think about being able to do that in the middle of the night (I know 10 isn’t really the middle of the night, but close enough). I love to wake up with the morning light and wonder how I’d do there. I could buy a blackout sleep mask, but then how would I wake up?


  3. I had forgotten that your nights would be short ones, Fiona. Great that you got up and captured these shots!


  4. Now that’s something you don’t see every day! Even if you only have a few hours of night you manage to catch the most beautiful shots of sunrises and sunsets. I never tire of them. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂


  5. First of all, I’m very glad hot air balloons make a hissing sound so that you were alerted to their presence, and that there was a second balloon so you could capture these two exquisite photos of it! (That first one is surreal!)

    Second of all, I guess I’d just be getting three hours of sleep a night at this time of year, since I wouldn’t be able to bear the thought of missing such glorious skies at dawn and twilight! 🙂


  6. That hissing sound is unmistakeable once you’re familiar with it. Photographs are particularly dreamy in this post :-).


  7. Dearst ladyfi,
    What beautiful pictures and amazing that you could capture the balloon♡♡♡ I wish I’m talented for taking pictures like you p;)
    Wishing you know how to block the light to have longer sound sleep.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  8. Hi! ” Up,up and away in my beautiful my beautiful balloon”. This time ,down, down and disappear the beautiful balloon. Your photos are stunning beautiful. I feel something good is just waiting for you. Thanks for sharing.


  9. The balloon woke you up so you could capture these wonderful pictures. As an expat Swede, I get really homesick this time of the year.


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