88 thoughts on “Summer candy

  1. Lovely! We have not even had early summer yet this year. I can’t wait to see a proper sunset again!

    I think I have finally figured out why I was not able to comment here. I hope! 😉
    Love your Bleeding Heart images, especially the Dancing Ladies, ingenious.


  2. Magnificent!!! Don’t you love it when you see a gorgeous sunrise or sunset and think, “it can’t get any more beautiful than this”… and then the colors change or deepen and lo, it does! This sunset of yours makes me think of all the times our skies tricked me into thinking they couldn’t possibly get more breathtaking. 🙂 And how wonderful that we get to see it twice – in the sky and reflected in the water. Just spectacular!

    And this is definitely the best kind of candy – eye candy! No calories, no cavities, plenty for everyone to enjoy until it’s gone. 🙂


  3. Oh Fiona…..

    We had one like that last night, but it fell into the mountains before I could get the camera.



  4. Beautiful colours, ladyfi. As much as nature gives these to us, you have taken photos and shared it with those who might not have had the chance to witness it. God bless!


  5. So beautiful and so different from our tropical summers. Speaking of different I have some film clips on my latest post of manatees and calling a gator to me – I think you’ll enjoy.


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