Fairies in wigs

They spread love and colour in spring

And most people know them as bleeding hearts.


They are also known as Lady in the Bath.

Here you can see the pale ladies in various stages of undress.

Lady in the bath

(Just in case you’re wondering how the flowers could deny gravity,

I need to confess to posting the picture upside down!)

However, every time I pass these flowers

I can’t help but see delicate fairies wearing bright pink wigs.

Fairies in wigs copy

No matter what you call them —

I think you’ll agree that they are wonderful, luminous beauties.

Luminous hearts

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92 thoughts on “Fairies in wigs

  1. My sentiments exactly Fiona! Ron showed me just yesterday the photos he took of these ‘beauties’ from our garden….I said that they look like fancy wigs.! We must be at the same latitude or nearly so.


  2. As are your photos wondrous, luminous beauties! I love all the different names and points of view you’ve given us for these delicate flowers. Would a Bleeding Heart by any other name smell as sweet? Yes! Sweeter, in fact.


  3. You KNOW how I love Bleeding Hearts, and your photos of these are perfection!! The first and third ones are my favorites, though the upside-down one showing them “defying gravity” made me chuckle – the two in the middle look like they’re ready to flap their little wings and fly off on an adventure! And in the right-side up version, those same two look like they’re sporting those flip hairdos popular in the ’60’s. 🙂

    I never knew them by any other name, so thanks for enlightening me about the “Lady in the Bath” moniker!


  4. Exquisite flowers/colors and your captures are breathtaking as always! It’s so good to get back online and be able to see and enjoy the beauty! Hope you have a great week!


  5. Beautiful… I love Bleeding Hearts. A friend gave me a cutting last year —and even though it’s only been less than a year, I had two little hearts in bloom this year… I was so excited… Can’t wait til it grows some more –and I get lots of little hearts too.


  6. Dearest Lady Fi,
    Wow, “Fairies in wings”♡♡♡ Beautiful pictures and warmed my heart, my friend♬♬♬ 


  7. Dear Fi, You’ve brought me wonderful memories with your photos – the Bleeding Heart was one of my mother’s favorite. I tried to grow them at altitude but haven’t been successful. Such depth and clarity in your photos.


  8. The most interesting post I’ve ever seen about bleeding hearts. You have the gift of perspective.


  9. I missed being here!

    I so loooove these close ups, Ladyfi. Hope someday I can explore some gardens in my place. I live in a tropical country and we have lots of flowers but haven’t gotten yet to taking photos of them. Thanks for the inspiration.


  10. You have showcased these lovely flowers so perfectly. They are one of my favourites…I have a huge plant at the side of the house and I love to cut a few and enjoy them inside too. Those little wigs are such fun with that whimsical little flip ip at the ends. :o)


  11. I do agree with you, ladyfi. As Lacecap Hydrangeas look like fairies wearing a luminous lace cap in the shower of light in my post, Breeding Hearts wearing a lovely ping wig in your post.


  12. Those are some of our favorite flowers here. We had some in our garden- unfortunately they did not come back this year. 😦
    Cheers! -Danette


  13. One of my favorite flowers—-they seem to light up the darker portions of gardens :-). Beautiful shots.


  14. One of the most stunning series of bleeding hearts photos I have ever encountered…I see them in a whole new light now.



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