88 thoughts on “The golden

  1. Beautiful! This is exactly what northern Minnesota mornings look like. I understand that is why my great grandparents settled here – because it resembles the Suomi homeland so much. Our lakes are finally free of ice, and the sun is shining!
    Have a wonderful day, Lady FI!


  2. Hard to imagine that Landscape can be so beautifully gold. That little piece of heaven you have there Fiona is truly a remarkable place.


  3. Sunsets and sunrises are always beautiful wherever one happens to be in the world. But because my provincial window faces the sunrise and my city window faces the sunsets, i am so full of them, that i think i already have increased standards, hahaha! thanks for your kind words in mine, you should see my sunrise in my other blogsite. It is a bit different. LOL


  4. Hello, lovely colors !
    What a view of the sky you have from your place…
    Bye Myriam πŸ™‚

    I love your little dog !!!


  5. I am not really a smiley kind of guy but when I opened up your post and saw your happy sky and pond with a happy dog I couldn’t help myself!


  6. In spite of the fact that I wasn’t dropping to comment (my deepest apologies!) you posts were brightening my inbox in a dark period, Fi, Most appreciated! -Danette


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