Spring sparkles

It was one of those perfect spring evenings

When the sun made stars out of water

Perfect evening

And Oscar made abstract art

Out of water pearls.


On the way home, I turned around

To see my daughter caught in the fairy glitter

And become one with nature.

Bright light

The setting sun

Threw its golden drops

On grass and woodland flowers

As if to say: Stop. Look. Listen.

And appreciate.

Golden light copy

For more fairy glitter, please visit: Our World.


91 thoughts on “Spring sparkles

  1. ah you make me want to stop all the more…how am i ever going to get anywhere…smiles…that one of oscar shaking off is amazing….so much energy in it…and making stars of the water….love that! sounds like a good day to me…


  2. Such a wonderful post as always, Fiona!! I love Oscar shaking off the water and the shot of your daughter in the third one is priceless! Always beautiful captures of your very beautiful world! Have a great week!


  3. So, the snow is finally all gone?

    How mystical and magical your spring photos are.
    Time to relax and expand for man and beast.


  4. Hi Fiona, I love seeing the sun glisten on the water.. It truly is magical!!!! Love the photo where Oscar is shaking the water off of him… NEAT photo.



  5. Great ‘catch Oscar in action shot’! I know these can be tricky to capture. And the other photos are magical. Fiona, thanks for sharing.


  6. bright-light jpeg has that special visual something happening for it….purity and indulgence, living in the wonder of it all.


  7. Oh I had such a good visit here, catching up on the last few amazing blogs. When my blog grows up I want it to look just like this one!! I am thinking of changing my page so I can have the pictures large like yours. WordPress has such nice pages. Everytime you go out with the camera you capture these dream like photos that speak poetry to me.


  8. Lovely pictures! Lake side, rays of sunshine and the residual snow! Sounds like heaven for a morning walk! And Oscar is a real natural artist 🙂


  9. The second last photo with your daughter is exceptionally beautiful and like the others pure magic. You almost need no words to express yourself.Thank you for sharing,!


  10. Nice pictures. For my autumn shots I had the camera on a tripod with the camera focused on the leaves. I turned off the auto-focus once it was set up. The shutter speed was long – deliberately to get a blur of P has she ran through the leaves.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  11. Dearest ladyfi,
    OMG, how wonderful these pictures are, really breathtaking♡♡♡ And I love not only pictures but how you put poetic words for them: sweet shot tha your daughter become one with nature.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  12. What sublime photos. I especially adore the ones of abstract artist Oscar with his watery pearls, and your daughter with her forest fairy glitter. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your magical, tranquil evening with us!


  13. When your children grow up they are so going to love to see themselves as they were growing up…what a treasure.



  14. A lovely, lovely surprise. You captured a lot in an instant. I especially love the the one with your daughter. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.


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