Nature often holds up a mirror

To show us change as one season glides into another,

(This is winter going into spring.)


It shows us renewal and transformation through stormy phases

Stormy jetty

And, finally, softens into peace and beauty.

(All shots are of my local lake over the past couple of weeks.)


For more changes, please visit: Our World.

90 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Metamorphosis, yes. Would seem to, that a water colourists achieves a similar affect changing the amount of water and pigment in brush. But no one does it better than Mother Nature -do they! Enjoyed seeing the lapse of time and the hard to soft pallet that unfolded. Good shtufffs!


  2. I really like the way you’ve used the lake as a mirror with the reflections you captured. What a blessing it is to have this lake nearby. Your photos are gorgeous.


  3. I love the reflections in the first and third, and the texture of the water in the middle image!!! You have never shown us the part of the lake reflecting the church before (that I have seen), and I love it!!! Please show us what it looks like with the trees leafing out!!!


  4. So full of elegance, warm and peace! =) your photos always are! Lovely colors, I really enjoy your photos!

    also the two posts below 🙂 so wonderful!


  5. We’re having like a reverse of seasons– it was hot in January and now it’s cold! And it’s Texas!


  6. You live in such a beautiful spot. Every photo is always so stunning. Frank and I are looking for a lakefront home. Your images make me realize how very much I want a sunset view. Gorgeous, F.


  7. so utterly gorgeous – and so beautifully serene. I love your first image – the colours and reflection are perfect.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog today.


  8. I think I love the first and the last shots best but I love the quote at the top of your blog and love the idea that the earth shows us changes, such wonderful changes, as we ourself are changing and becoming more human.


  9. What a beautiful post…. So very peaceful, and as you say, demonstrative of the natural cycles. Something we should all admire more often.


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