Putting winter on ice

The lake is now water

And the cold spring is just waiting to burst into flower and warmth (sometime soon, I hope).

But before that, I wanted to post one of my favourite photos from this winter.

The purple sunset over the iced over lake

And Oscar looking majestic.

Oscar on ice

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60 thoughts on “Putting winter on ice

  1. Oscar looks like such a fine character!
    Our lakes are still very frozen.. 2 or more feet of ice currently, more to the north. But we’ve hit a warm up, and the sun is shining STRONG.. things have been melting fast in the past 24 hours! Our kids got a kayak out to float on all the melting water that is running to & filling the top of our frozen pond. 🙂


  2. Oh you mean he doesn’t feel the cold at his behind? When your cold is lingering and your winter overstaying, our dry season temperature keeps on soaring, it is now 36.6C and might still go up. It is maybe easier for Oscar to stay in that cold than us staying outside the building. Global warming is really already here!


  3. His beautiful presence adds to all the other beauty in the image. I’m always fascinated by the colour. It’s going to be good to see the lake again. Waiting for that image.


  4. Oscar always looks so thoughtful and regal, even when he’s just playing or photobombing your scenery shots. 🙂

    Enjoy the rebirth of spring! I await a new season of your beautiful photos with eager anticipation!


  5. Great photo of winter, Fiona… And Oscar just adds to the picture!!!! Are you glad to be seeing signs of spring now? Bet you are… After a long winter, we all enjoy some spring, don’t we?



  6. Big dog, small world…..how he do d’at….I know how, and the picture shows you do to. Well worth the statues of ‘FAVOURITE’.


  7. Oscar is stunning, just like your photos.

    Great news to hear that winter is finally leaving for all of us bloggers.



  8. Until I saw Oscar having so much fun in the snow i didn’t realize that dogs actually liked it so much..haha! you can tell I live in a country where there is no snow!


  9. And the cold spring is just waiting to burst into flower and warmth (sometime soon, I hope).


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