62 thoughts on “Tentative spring

  1. Wonderful to find those first little nodding heads pushing their way up through the undergrowth …. searching for the light. Well done Oscar!


  2. Oscar certainly found at least a little Spring. I hope your cold gets better soon – they make a person feel vile, out of all proportion to the severity of the illness don’t they.
    Off topic. If you ever have any contact with Marie, can you tell her that I have been thinking of her and LG and hoping that things in their world are going well?


  3. Oscar is the perfect guide! A glimpse of spring is surely better than none at all! Sorry about your cold — never a fun time, hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for your kind words about Sam, they’re greatly appreciated.


  4. Your snow really left quickly didn’t it? Even if there is still ice on the lake, the ground is giving up winter. Oscar is adorable.



  5. First one perfection -the moment captured, Oscar the purveyor of hope -definitely worth a GRUNT of monumental proportions. Hope Spring rushes in, always a good remedy for the cold.


  6. Oscar is adorable, and I love those signs of spring. It feels like spring here today but we should get more snow this week.


  7. Well, Oscar looks ready for another season of swimming soon. Love the Snowdrops Fiona. Aren’t they the cutest. They should last for a while considering the cool temps.


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