Those big April skies

April seems stuck in the beauty of winter.

A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed

A pink panorama of big skies and fluffy clouds.

PInk and moody

And only a couple of days ago,

The snow cover on the lake was gone

And the cold mist seemed to make

The clouds as silver and soft as silk.

Gently, almost secretly, spring is approaching!

Mid-April panorama

For more panoramas, please visit: Skywatch.


96 thoughts on “Those big April skies

  1. Hello Fi! It’s Jo, Reasons to be cheerful1,2,3. I’m back and so pleased to see you and so many others are still blogging. Really beautiful pics! xxx


  2. Hello Fi! I’m back and struggling to remember how blogging works! I was Jo, Reasons to be Cheerful 123. It’s great to see you and so many others still blogging. Beautiful pics. (apologies if previous comment went through to but I repeated in case it didn’t) (what a dork)


  3. Yes Fiona, spring is very secretive indeed about its approach and encroachment to move winter aside. Your photos are glorious.


  4. Yes,our spring is also very very late this year!We have at the moment the first warm days of spring with pleasant temperatures.Last week we had still some snow in corners with shadows!Have a nice day!


  5. More winter for us this week.. school cancellations, more snow, and more snow, and more snow. Spring is doing a good job of working under cover. 🙂 Your colorful skies are beautiful & warm to look at on our gray day here!


  6. Seriously lovely skies’s almost impossible at this time of year to predict what the weather is going to be like from one day to the next..everywhere!


  7. Is that a boat stuck on the snow? The purples and blues are gorgeous Fiona. I’m off to Paris on May 12th. Wish we could have met there. I shall be in Copenhagen on May 9th-12th. Any chance you’ll be there?


  8. Well it might be slow, but there’s no denying that spring is creeping into your part of the world. The water is free again at last from the icy grip and snow of winter. Enjoy your new season, I can’t wait to see your photos


  9. The pink skies are stunning and the lake almost nicer in snow than without.;) Happy to hear spring has arrived.;) Have a great weekend,


  10. Beautiful photos. I can feel the excitement, as spring is just around the corner. Thanks for sharing your beautiful corner of the world!


  11. Beautiful photos, Fiona. We have had some gorgeous spring weather here this week—BUT it’s turning cold today (lots of rain and wind last night) —and will remain quite chilly for the next few days. Guess winter is not finished with us either!!!


  12. Spring does seem to come tentatively, and gently, to your lovely part of the world! That first photo looks like you took it from inside a big ball of pink cotton candy. 🙂


  13. Very unusual hues and shades:) I loved the first capture very much!
    (not that the second one is any less though:))


  14. Seasons are fascinating, the sometimes unpredictable changes and of course the beauty of it all which you capture so well.


  15. Our April downunder seemed to be stuck in summer – until today, when the skies opened and the rain bucketed down! The change of season is also giving us killer skies – although we’re changing in the opposite direction to you!


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