Finding rainbows

Sometimes you can find beauty in the most unexpected places.

Entering the interior of Paris’ oldest church, Eglise Saint-Germain-des-Pres, once so mighty but now eclipsed by Notre Dame,

I was struck by the beauty of a humble set of chairs next to some ancient chipped pillars.


The light from the stained glass window behind them

Transformed the chairs into miracles of colour and form

Rainbow chairs copy

And the floor, worn by centuries of visitors,

Became a dazzling thing of rainbow beauty.

(I have to say that out of all my Paris photos, these are some of my favourites.)

“The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen.”
G. K. Chesterton

Rainbow floor_2 copy

For more everyday miracles, please visit: Our World.

105 thoughts on “Finding rainbows

  1. When least expected we’re given gifts. I am looking at these photos as I start a rainy/snowy day. Your images provide a rainbow for me to remember.


  2. Absolutely lovely with the colors of the window filtering in on the chairs…I’ve seen many shots of the inside of this church, but none so simple and simply elegant…


  3. You have a wonderful eye. You see the beauty that many would miss. Thank you for sharing these lovely images.


  4. They are magnificent photos. I love old churches as they convey such a sense of calm and reflection. The muted colours from the windows spread across the chairs and floor are too beautiful for words.


  5. What a moment of beauty! You’ve captured it so wonderfully. Beauty can be so fleeting and that’s precisely what makes it so precious. I bet it changed in a moment. Wonderful images, Fiona.


  6. Truly beautiful!!! And so simple!!! I love the whole idea that such a small thing is one of your best memories from such a huge city!!!


  7. There’s no way that images like these could ever be eclipsed Fiona. So much history within those walls, living in a young country like Australia, scenes like these take my breath away.


  8. “The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen.” And I’m grateful to those who find the miracles (which I might miss) and share them with us like you, ladyfi.


  9. Helt underbar plats, som jag aldrig besökt. Ljuset är sååå vackert. Gillar kontrasten med de enkla stolarna och den magnifika inredningen. Jag kan verkligen förstå att du älskar den här platsen. Ska komma ihåg den nästa gång jag kommer dit.
    Önskar dig en fortsatt skön vecka!


  10. And I can certainly see why these photos of chairs in a church are some of your favourites, Fiona. Beauty in the simplest of things can be breath-taking. And these are that.


  11. yes the magical colors of the stainglass is reflecting on the worn floors making a beautiful symbolic photo and on the chairs where so many have sat. I really like the tiny little glimpses of your Paris trip much better than any tourist book photo, thanks lovely lady of the north. (wow you have so many comments on this one)


  12. There is nothing more enticing than history, that is the beauty of Europe, ever city, small or large, have centuries of it on its back, if not millennia.;)
    Lovely captures of the unseen.;)


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