When the morning light hits the trees

In just the right way;

Snowscape 2

When the blue bowl of the sky

Hangs like a silken canopy over the frozen lake;


And when the sun sets

In soft pastel purples…

Then … yes then!

Winter is a glorious place to be.

Sky and snow

For more amazing skies, please visit: Skywatch.

89 thoughts on “Snowscape

  1. 1st class photography, love them all but the first is my choice for the virgin snow, the tree reaching out, the colours from the sun shining, pure magic.


  2. Oh, how gorgeous. I love the light just hitting the branches just right and highlighting/contrasting against the whiteness of the snow and bluish skies.


  3. You have got me tinking about bitter cold weather in a totally different way. I’m still not going to move to North Dakota though.


  4. I’m running out of superlatives. 🙂 I am completely in love with that magnificent tree, and how you photographed it with the sun just behind it. I looked for Oscar in the second photo, but couldn’t find him! (Loved Andy’s reference to Dr. Zhivago, that second photo especially evokes memories of that film). The colors and composition of the third photo are really lovely, almost magical.

    Our temps right now are in the low 60’s, and except for some tenacious, grubby little patches that never feel the sun, our snow is all gone now, and our sky’s pastels are spring-colored. So I am glad to still get to enjoy your beautiful snowy landscapes and softly tinted skies, at least for a little while longer!


  5. All three shots are great … with different shades of colors ! Winter is nice but towards the end, it takes too much time to go this year !


  6. Oh, you truly are still in winter. Well, so are we, but not as much snow.;) Happy Easter and thank you for these absolutely stunning shots.;)


  7. It seems to me that the light hits your lens in the very right way all the time. More beautiful images.. just as expected. Sigh!


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