Tropical cold

I love the contrast between the cold of winter

And the humid tropical temperature of visiting the greenhouse of the Botanical Gardens.

First off, you are greeted by a vibrant

Splash of colour as you go in…

Christmas red copy

Wandering around the more temperate parts of the greenhouse

You can see signs on some of the trees:

Happy Winter! I’ll wake up again when it’s spring.

(The same could be said for some of those people who don’t like winter…)

Happy winter

As you walk further back, you enter different regions — much hotter ones.

My camera lens fogged up and as it cleared,

I could just make out some kind of orchid

Swimming towards me like a fish with petals.

Fish flower

I fell in love with the fronds

And patterns of some tropical ferns.


Before I left, I spied the delicate

Pink tutu of a flower.

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”
– Indian Proverb

PInk tutu copy

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81 thoughts on “Tropical cold

  1. oh wow…that had to be a nice respite from the cold…it was 78 here on saturday and we had an ice storm sunday…ha…what i did not get was the pretty flowers…lovely pics…ha on the fogging lens….def must have been warm…


  2. Hi Fiona, That’s the way we feel when going to Biltmore during the winter (see my blog today)…Seeing the color is so nice after the drab winter outside. Great photos… Love that last one! WOW!


  3. A wonderful way to escape winter for a few hours!! Such beautiful, colorful flowers and superb captures as always! Thanks for sharing the beauty — it’s much appreciated on yet another GRAY, grim day in Seattle!! But we are beginning to see tiny touches of colors around the neighborhood and there are colorful buds on some trees across the street! Happy signs of the approach of Spring!!! Hope you have a lovely week!


  4. Helt underbara bilder! Jag önskar att jag kunde gå i ide just nu och vakna upp, när våren gjort entré. Vi har nu förberett oss för säsongens värsta snöstorm. SMHI och Eon har varnat – vi ska stanna inomhus och vara beredda på att elen försvinner…suck, suck. Längtar också efter att få njuuuta av ett tropiskt växthus…
    Önskar dig en fortsatt skön vecka!


  5. I just love that Indian proverb…will and onto it if you don’t mind 🙂 what a lovely treat to visit a hot house in winter…you are giving me ideas of visiting the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh!


  6. What a breath of fresh air that must have been..such color in the midst of winter. Our nearest Botanical Garden is 4 plus hours away..if the train went there I might think of going:)


  7. These are all so lovely, from the brilliant splashes of red and pink to the delicate laciness of the ferns! And that yellow orchid really does look like a fish swimming toward you out of murky waters! That may be my favorite, just for its whimsy. 🙂


  8. My first visit to you lovely blog . These a fabulous photos. I love the crispness and the sensation of being able to feel the texture, the vibrancy was amazing and the lighter hue of the orchid was so wonderfully soft. I am just getting ready to delve into buying a cameras may I ask what you use. I am very much an amateur photographer, but it is now a passion. My blog posts photos have been for the most all from my cell phone phone as I post from my gadget phone, soon to change.


  9. Lens fog is an issue in a greenhouse! I had to wait about 30 minutes before shooting when I went one day! I love how they do resemble fish in an aquarium, though!


  10. I missed this post earlier (LOL, I’m sure you missed me among your hundreds of commenters ;>))….but I’m really glad I came to it. Beautiful; I haven’t visited a greenhouse for a long time (unless you count the outdoors here on a humid day). I’m glad I checked for posts I missed last week when we were away for a while. I really need to find a substitute for the Google Reader, which is going away apparently.


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