Frosted freedom

For nearly three weeks,

My world has been wrapped

In shades of silver and grey.

Frosted freedom copy

I can never get enough of

One of my favourite winter scenes —

Silver-haired trees

And hoar frost on birdhouse and bridge.

Frosted view copy

The scene has both thrills and beauty

When a sudden snow shower

Sprinkles Oscar, my dog, with diamonds of snow.

Snow shower copy

For more frosted shots, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

91 thoughts on “Frosted freedom

  1. Hi Fiona, You take the BEST winter photos of anyone I know. The ‘frosted’ trees are GORGEOUS… WOW…..

    Tell Oscar to enjoy that snow for me. We have rain on the way here today!


  2. I hope Oscar enjoyed getting his snow shower as much as I enjoyed seeing it! 🙂 Who is his friend in the first photo? They sure look like they’re having a blast.

    These scenes are beautiful and elegant. I love these glimpses you provide into your magical snowglobe world!


  3. I do love your beautiful, snowy world! Your photos are like visiting a whole different world and I love it! And, yes, you and Oscar are indeed a magical presence to many — me included! Have a great week!


  4. Such beautiful winter wonderland scenes… gosh this has just called to mind a forgotten memory about a favourite childhood book where the child imagines a snowy wonderland and it looked exactly like this! I must try to remember it… thank you!


  5. I’ve never experienced hoar frost so It’s always a thrill to see someone photos. Yours are always among the very best.


  6. so very beautiful. I am so glad you are enjoying the winter snow and bringing these glorious images to us. It looks like Oscar is enjoying it too.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for sotpping by my blog today.


  7. Gorgeous! It’s snowing up north and I’ve just heard there might be a chance of some snow falling at the Sintra Mountain Range, 12 kms north from my place, but I don’t believe it until I see it. 🙂


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