79 thoughts on “Feeling the joy

  1. Elvira does the same for me. As she reminds me Dog is just abbreviation for Dogen. With a little imagination perhaps the world would be a better place if the whole kitten ka boo-tel could be overseen by a couple of wise old dogs. I wonder?


  2. Non-human animals are such wonderful teachers! Oscar clearly has a youthful spirit, no matter the age of his body. This fantastic photo captures his exuberant joie d’vivre so perfectly – you and he have shared and spread abundant smiles with this today! Thank you both. 🙂


  3. Got to love dogs, they have such a joie de vivre.;) Lovely shots as always, it looks as if winter is still in full power over there.;) Have a great weekend,


  4. oscar is such a handsome guy .. and clearly is well loved, well cared for .. and 10 is sort of a young adult in dogs, isnt it?


  5. Ah, what would we do without our wonderful four-legged friends!! Oscar is such a beauty and his joy in life is spread to all of his family. Sam Schnauzer certainly does the same for me!! Hope you both are enjoying a great weekend!!


  6. My Duchess lived til she was about 16—and stayed healthy til the end. Hope Oscar lives a long, healthy life…. As I’ve said, he loves the snow as much as I do… Great photos, Fiona.


  7. Our Ellie will be ten in May… and she too LOVES the snow, even with two knee replacements. She loves to play “stick”… which could be her digging one out of the snow and then we have to chase her, or another version is that we throw a stick for her, she chases it and then we have to chase her to wrangle it from her mouth to throw again… she is too creative to just bring it to us to throw again like most dogs. She has us well trained:-) Your Oscar is so handsome, I love seeing him in your photos!


  8. You can see the joy in Oscar! I love that! His world is so beautiful. My Harry is about the same age and we take him to Coast Guard Island where he can run off leash and do all the things he wants to do on green grass next to the San Francisco Bay. Occasionally, a jogger comes along, so we leash him up for a moment but other than that, he’s free to be wild and happy. Your images of Oscar show your love for him.


  9. Lovely captures!
    Your world seems to be very cold!!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend****


  10. Oscar is an inspiration isn’t he? And lovely shots you’ve taken of him there, I’ve learnt so much from animals over the years, they are invaluable to me 🙂


  11. The zest for life a dog has can only be an inspiration to us.

    Snow, water, earth, woods, grasslands, to a dog it’s all cause for celebration. Good boy, Oscar.


  12. I love the motion you’ve captured in his ears!! I have a soft spot for dogs ears…they are just sooo expressive and his are just full of joy! (Yes, I know that sounds kinda weird but I don’t care!)

    C x


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