101 thoughts on “Romancing the snow

  1. What a lovely Valentine your post makes! I noticed the “teddy bear” that She Who Carries Camera mentioned too! But the best teddy bear is Oscar. 🙂 I love the intricate, lacy tree branches in the second photo, especially against that beautifully soft pastel sky. It’s all so delicate looking, with the grasses and the diaphanous fog – I think I’d be afraid to exhale and blow the whole beautifully fragile scene away!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and precious Oscar! I sure ♡ your blog. 🙂


  2. Oscar sure is a chill guy. Actually, his pics of laying so comfortably in the snow is haparious, in itself. He looks at the camera like “uh….is this weird?”

    ….”no Oscar…you’re just fine”. 😉
    Happy Valentines Day, LadiFi. May your day be filled with an abundance of love from all over the world.


  3. Hi ladyfi,
    A dreamlike mirage is emerging from a snow field! The shapes of bare trees are aesthetic! I wish I were there with your dog!
    Have a great week!


  4. These are truly dreamy shots, LadyFi.
    You are showing winter at it’s best and most beautiful agin in this and precious posts.
    Thanks fot sharing and enjoy your weekend.
    Overhere in the Netherlands it’s rainy and foggy at the moment. 😦


  5. Hi LadyFi, love the pinky pastels, you make winter look like a wonderland…and Oscar sure loves the cold, I know because we had a dog exactly like Oscar who loved to play in the snow, before she passed on, we had to drive her up a mountain so she could see snow one last time, she liked to lay on the snow and feel the cold on her belly. Your lake is magical in winter and in summer. cheers.


  6. Hard to add anything new to what has already been commented upon. Everything about these images is wonderful: the soft pastel hues of the sky, the light, the composition [the dog and bench really help add interest to the scenes], the lace-like silhouetted branches, the fresh snow — sigh — KUDOS!


  7. Its a little too warm outside tonight – so I come here and feel a whole lot better!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: I have fiddled with my blog template to make the images bigger – let me know if you think its an improvement!


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