The snowy desert

Silence falls as the snow does —

Turning the world into a peaceful place

And the lake into a snowy desert.

My dog, Oscar, is like a camel of this desert:

At one with the environment

And never too tired to enjoy the weather.

Oscar on jetty copy

And just in case you forgot what the jetty really looks like when the snow melts,

here’s a picture from September

When we went balloon hunting!

Balloon Oscar

For more amazing animals, please visit: Camera Critters.

72 thoughts on “The snowy desert

  1. I just can’t believe that that is the jetty – quite incredible. Oscar does seem so at home in whatever weather.- amazing dog.


  2. Wow! This photo is most impressive, even without the “before and after” photo contrast! (LOVE that hot air balloon appearing like magic in the distance!)

    There sure are a lot of amazing snow photos on the internet this morning. It’s too easy to imagine it’s snowing, been snowing, or is about to snow almost everywhere! (We’re getting some this weekend too). But this is one of my favorite snow photos today. I’m always enamored by your winter photos. And of course, Oscar always adds that very special touch! πŸ™‚


  3. Oscar is one amazing dog in one fantastic setting. The lighter colour to the snow on the dock compared to on the icy lake makes it appear as if there’s a shaft of sunlight.. just for Oscar. Beautiful.


  4. A little more snow and you wouldn’t even know there was a lake underneath. I wish my small dog liked the snow, but it’s out on the deck to do his business and right back inside.


  5. (Might be a repeat..if so I apologize; having the l typepad comment issues again today)…..I’m happy that you posted the two seasons together — seeing both at once gives a great feel for what it is like to live there. (And for Oscar, it is a good day whether it’s spring summer fall or winter!)


  6. Oscar does look a wee out of color like the landscape- not that I blame him. I’m a happier animal myself when the skies and water are blue! Cheers, Danette


  7. That really is a remarkable “now and then” set of pictures. I’d love to see that much change in my landscape – most of our trees dont even lose their leaves!!


    Stewart M – Melbourne


  8. You couldn’t get two more different scenarios if you tried Fiona, I can’t believe you guys have so much snow now, I thought you were coming to the end of your winter!


  9. What lovely photos of your sweet dog! πŸ™‚ I cannot help, the first photo here make me think what your dog is thinking: “I’m longing for green fields and blue water!” :))))

    Lovely photos in your previous posts also! πŸ™‚


  10. Whether it be in a frozen state or liquid, it appears the dock is his place at waters edge. Docks have that same grip on me as well. It is where we launch into the water nose or bow first. It is where we watch a sun set or listen to Loons labour in love songs. Docks are where folks and dogs alike gather an simply be…………great image and shot (s).


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