89 thoughts on “A blue dream

  1. As a child, when I finally mastered the stride and stroke. Often while skating I dream’t of skating away. I believe I just did in this photograph. Thank You!


  2. So glad I found your blog and have added it to my reading list. As a fellow dog lover and lover of winter, I am enjoying your photos immensely!


  3. Brrr – It must be cold there to freeze the lake to that wonderful blue color. Who is Oscar watching way out on the ice? I love the mirrored light!


  4. What a beautiful blue ice it is!! The sky and the frozen water melt into one and are singing a song n praise of a serene winter!
    I love your furry friend’s back. So cute!
    Have a great week!


  5. I guess this photo leaves me wanting more like all your photos do….what a beautiful place you live in, all your photos show it off so well. I would be careful on that ice though….the blue color is amazing….thanks so much for coming to my site, it really meant a lot to me. I feel we are so far apart but we are so close in our blog times. It is late at nite for me and I see you come on in Sweden in early morning time. thanks again for your support. cheers.


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