Stained glass

Nature is a cathedral

And when the sun shines through the iced trees

They are frosted stained glass windows.

Stained glass 1 copy

The grandeur of these spires

Never fails to amaze

Frosted effect

And the dancing light of winter

Waltzes its way into the soul.

Stained glass snow

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96 thoughts on “Stained glass

  1. Your writing is as beautiful as your photos. Such a talented eye for beauty, and such a wonderful way with words! “…the dancing light of winter waltzes its way into the soul.” Brilliant.

    I’ve been looking at photos of Savannah, GA lately (in putting together my latest post), and that first photo could almost be of Spanish Moss hanging from tree limbs in Dixie! But the next two – no mistaking those for Northern, winter beauty. 🙂 Beautiful!


  2. Words aren’t enough!! These are such incredible, breathtaking captures of the beauty in your world and the perfect words to match! Thanks for sharing both! A beautiful way to begin my day — any day!


  3. Fabulous photos, Fiona… I love seeing the sun poke through the trees —and it’s even better when there’s snow and frost on the trees… TERRIFIC….

    Hope you are feeling better today.


  4. Truly worshipful images. Nature’s grandeur never fails to amaze. Glad your frostbite feels better. I used coconut oil, too – was advised against any perfumed manufactured lotions that could irritate.


  5. Nothing is more beautiful than Nature’s art, which we can’t duplicate. We are struck in awe and feel happy to be blessed. You never fails to amaze me, neither, ladyfi.



  6. Sometimes when I come here I find myself wondering….is it true that you have the most beautiful scenery around you or is it true that it is you who can see such beauty in everything around you.


  7. These images are magnificent and I love the analogy here. Indeed nature creates the most stunning structures.;) Have a great week.;) xoxo


  8. Tres beau wintery images Fiona, it’s so easy to get carried away by the beauty and keep going longer than safe, hope your windburn is not quite so painful today. Btw I really enjoyed your RED interview with Red Nomad..


  9. Love your header and RWE’s words, your exquisite “stained glass windows” and the overall beauty of your blog. Hope your face is doing much better now!


  10. Those pictures of the sun shining through the trees do look great, but I specially liked the open snow scene in your last photo Fi – Dave


  11. You are a true artist–both with your lovely photography and your beautiful words. Such lovely pictures and a wonderful comparison to stained glass windows. Mickie 🙂


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