The lost art of tree hugging

We tend to take them for granted – the trees —

Even when their bare bones

Create art on a sun-drenched wall in winter;

Tree sculpture

Or when the mistletoe

Hangs like disco balls from their weathered branches.


Some say ‘tree hugger’ as if it were a bad thing.

But I agree with my son,

More of us ought to take the time to thank the trees

For their beauty.

Tree hugging

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88 thoughts on “The lost art of tree hugging

  1. I love this. When I was a young girl I used to hug trees. They made me believe in a higher power. Haven’t hugged one in years… I’m inspired. 🙂 Hope your holidays are peaceful and bright. xo


  2. I couldn’t agree more! I grew up in western Texas where trees of any size are few and far between. Here in Seattle and the northwest, the trees are everywhere and so beautiful! I never tire of them!! I love your post and captures for the day! The shadows in the first shot make me think of ballet dancers! And your son, with his arms around the tree!! Perfect! Wonderful post and captures for the day — as always. Have a beautiful week!


  3. smiles…i love trees…and i have hugged a few…as with many of the things we have we begin to lose sigh of them and take them for granted…love the shadow play they do on the walls..


  4. I’m also a proud tree hugger and I’m always glad to find other tree huggers out there! Just got a live Christmas tree and can’t wait to plant it in the new year.


  5. My Mom had a deep love for trees and I have no doubt that she past that on to me. Love the images, especially the tree-hugging one.


  6. I could never live without trees around me. I now for certain I have hugged more trees than I have people. I often jokingly say “save a tree murder a chainsaw”.


  7. I love trees, we have a lot in the garden and we have to take them down, but I still refuse that. I know they are old and could damage the house in a storm….It takes a lot of years to get some of those again…I have 2 hängbjörkar which I am very fond of….but….maybe they have to go…


  8. Beautiful artwork indeed Fi. I too am thankful for trees and all that they provide in addition to their natural beauty – shade, colour, contrast, fruit, nuts, homes for birds, and wonderful timber for housing and furniture. Wishing you and yours a great week ahead.


  9. We had to cut down a VERY tall oak tree this past summer. It was so diseased and just died from the top down over a period of two years. So sad to see it go. 😦 I agree.. trees need to be hugged.


  10. I am a tree hugger too. “I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree” . I am grateful for trees to be there. Bundle yourself up and stay wam!


  11. ladify,
    I love bare trees as well as greenery trees. When trees are stripped off all decorations, they show the essence of their truth and beautiful skeletons. I love to hug trees and also columns made of ancient trees. And I like to see people hugging trees very much. Thanks a lot for stunning photos.


  12. Great pictures – I like the colour match between the trees and the jacket.

    I tend to agree that my kids look rather splendid! (But there may be a hint of bias there!)


    Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: there is a joke on FB you may like!


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