99 thoughts on “Frosted skies

  1. ooo i love that last one…the gold rimming the world….we are still dancing the cusp of winter here….far too warm during the day to really be it yet….cold mornings and nights though…


  2. Lady! More jealousy of your view! What a wonderful still sunset! Your dock looks to be foating on a sheet of glass. Wonderful. I’m moving next door. Don’t be frightened.


  3. It’s always a great pleasure to rest the eyes on your pictures. I’d love to have a lake like that in front of my home.. and my Golden too…:-).
    Have a lovely Nikolaus.
    Greetings from the Rhine Valley


  4. What a beautiful moment you have captured here. The colours are almost unbelievable as from a different and strange world. For me the first one of the photo is the better. It’s a more untraditional composition and the shore on the other side is more interesting as is the fog clustering there. And of course the trails of air plane as well as the clouds enhances the feeling of serenity.


  5. Your photos are beautiful as always but isn’t it amazing to find yourself in one of these moments when Nature pulls out all the stops and takes your breath away? I wish more people had such pictures- in their memories if not with cameras. Cheers! Danette


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