Guess what happened this week?

It finally snowed and snowed

And snowed!


Even in the horizontal, whip-the-snow-in-your-face storm

Oscar just didn’t want to come into the house.

Look at those eyes pleading

For just five more minutes of snowtime!

Milk moustache

For more playful animals, please visit: Camera Critters.

76 thoughts on “Playtime!

  1. Happy Birthday to YOU…. Brrrr—that snow looks cold, but I’m sure that “I’D” be out there playing with Oscar… For you see, I love snow and never see much of it here…. Oscar doesn’t look cold at all!!!


  2. Not sure what the winters of late have been like in Sweden, our winters have be far from normal for the last ten years and highly on predictable from region to region, from province to province. This year am hope’n for a kick butt, horizontal type snowy winter where I live, thus far it has been just a couple of dusting. You can not blame Oscar for liking it outside. Snow insulates all the smells, containing them which intensifies the scents a dog smells -it brings them to life.


  3. Oh, I do love your Oscar’s face!! How expressive! What fun it must be to watch him enjoying the snow! Have a great weekend, stay warm and give Oscar a hug for me!!


  4. I can see the lines of the driven snow against the tree in the first photo! You meant it when you said horizontal!! He is such a dear! My Jake is starting to say walks are highly over-rated – he is 12 and his joints are going…


  5. I bet Oscar enjoys the snow.;) We have gotten some snow too and it is bitterly cold.;) Happy 1st of Advent to you.;)


  6. Dogs enjoy snow and cats curl up in a kotatsu. This is a children’s song in Japan. I’m in the cat’s side. Have a nice week!


  7. And I wouldn’t blame him. It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen snow here so seeing these photos is a real treat. I love the second shot of the blowing. Oscar carries away my heart. happy week to you Fiona.


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