Leaf ballet

Autumn was short-lived and intense this year.

But last weekend I had an amazing experience.

In the distance, I saw a sunny bower of branches

And a shower of leaves dancing in the wind as they fell to the ground.

I stood under those trees and listened.

The leaves danced and twirled and fluttered down on me,

Sounding like gentle rain as they came to rest on hair, ground and an icy bench.

I like to look for the new beginnings in these ends.

Don’t leaf without visiting: Our World.

82 thoughts on “Leaf ballet

  1. Oh, how wonderful with autumn pictures! My favourite time of year, the most beautiful of seasons.

    Forgive me, but I can not resist linking you to my autumn gallery on Facebook, but I don’t know if the link will work from a blog. Anyway, if it does and should you want to take a peek:

    An album for autumn people, thinking autumn thoughts.

    Posted by Anders Bellis on Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    All the best,


  2. Such a beautiful post for the day and I, too, love the falling, colorful leaves of Autumn! A colorful beginning as the start of a new year approaches! Delightful captures!!


  3. I love this time of year… Our leaves are mostly all DOWN now –and we are busy raking/blowing them up!!!!! Since we have so many shade trees in our yard, blowing/raking/mowing leaves is a fulltime job for sure!!!!! BUT–it’s great exercise and I enjoy it. I love hearing the crunch of leaves when I walk on them!!!!! OH—Fall is just awesome!!!! Great photos, Fiona.


  4. smiling here, one of these days am going to capture that dance as they fall, but no luck so far, next year as our leaves are all but gone now.

    Leaves on the park bench, priceless!


  5. Kindred spirits we could be, Fiona. I too was attempting to ‘catch’ the leaves as they fell from the trees. I am so happy you have succeeded in doing so. Very lovely.


  6. It’s a beautiful time of year, isn’t it? Fall would be my favorite- especially because of the beautiful pictures you can take that feature gold and red leaf canopies- if it weren’t for winter. I still appreciate it though- every minute- maybe especially because of the impending change in temps. Cheers! Danette


  7. “I like to look for the new beginnings in these ends.” So do I! And I like to watch the fallen leaves dancing and listen to the rustling music of them. Our autumn foliage has just started to deepen colors at last.



  8. Gosh I sure like the beauty and simplicity of visiting here…the golden yellow colors of the leaves is amazing, I am so glad to share my love of leaves with someone finally….I like how you celebrate the fall colors. I sometimes feel the path is decorated with all these amazing colors at this time of year.


  9. Gorgeous series!! I have never been able to capture the leaves in the act of falling… The last shot is my favourite – the frost on the picnic table emphasizes the wood gran!!
    And I love the photo of Oskar in the next post!


  10. You always have such lovely photos. The fall colors are so crisp and bright. I have been visiting your blog for a long time and would love to know how you get so many comments!!


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