Fifty shades of…

As November kicks off, the Swedes start to dress in blacks and greys

Blending into the wintry background with colours that match their melancholic souls.

But NO – I tell you! The coming season doesn’t need more grey – it needs more colour.

Give me the colours of energy and life!

Give me vibrant yellows, vivid greens or electric blues. Give me fifty shades of neon pink if you must!

And judging by this sunset, nature agrees with me.

For more bright colours, please visit: Skywatch.

99 thoughts on “Fifty shades of…

  1. What can I say, Fiona. Absolutely exquisite. You speak of the energy of life. That’s precisely what I receive looking at your images. Wonderful!


  2. Why is it that the further north you go, the darker people dress and paint their houses? I would rather have the bright colours while the sun is low in the sky!!
    I love those photos of Tosca!!


  3. Glorious skies and colors and I do so agree with you — let’s move away from the GRAY into the energy and light!! Breathtaking captures as always!! Have a great and colorful weekend!!


  4. I’m one of those crazy people who LOVE Winter…. I love the drab colors of winter. It’s a time for nature to take a break….. AND–it’s a time for me to have more inside time (working on my Family History –which gets neglected at other times during the year)…. As much as I love Spring and Fall, I will say that I also love WINTER… Bring it on!!!!!! ha


  5. I am with you, I love color. Your shades of neon pink are gorgeous. Stunning skies and beautiful photos. Happy skywatching and I wish you a happy weekend.


  6. Stunning colors in your sky. I’d agree that winter is the time for bright color wherever you can find it…your sweater if not in your sky ;>)….I’m (partly) of Swedish origin and my grandmother always told me that melancholy was part of my inheritance (a lovely thing to tell a child wasn’t it?)

    Your post title gave me pause for a moment…..(not that I know anything at all about that book with a similar title of course!)


  7. I agree with you, I love lots of color in my world – and Mother Nature clearly agrees with you too! If your photos were only of these incredible skies, they’d be gorgeous enough. But to get all that amazing color reflected in the water, too? BONUS! 🙂 We seldom get pink sunsets here (they’re usually orange and gold), so your second photo especially was a real treat for the eyes!


  8. Just awesome… your place envy’s a lot of beauty and sky that changes the setting and colors and lakes that painted in vibrant reflections. Wish more colors this winter 🙂


  9. How fantastic colors! yes I do agree with you, give me more colors, but not exactly “50 shades” – haha! I wont read that book.
    but I would like to have colors, lots of colors! I used to dress much in black when younger, but not now..

    Long time since I’ve been around to comment, now it’s the time!
    I have to see what you’ve made since I was here last time..

    Lovely weekend to you! 🙂


  10. Yes, I hear you, comes late fall and winter, we are robed of colours up here in the north.;) But there is also a certain nostalgic beauty in monochrome.;))
    Stunning photography as always.;)
    The title makes me wonder whether you read “that book”, hihi.;)


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