A couple of weeks ago, we woke up to a world transformed.

Trees and boats floated out of the freezing fog

Like soft ghosts;

The path along the lake looked as if it was

Covered in cotton wool.

As I walked my daughter to the train station in the early morning,

Our spirits lifted in this new world of fog and cold.

On the way home, a golden splash of colour

Transported me into the world of Monet.

Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience. – Paul Cezanne

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83 thoughts on “Spook-tacular

  1. Fantastic, foggy, mysterious skies and the perfect splash of color in the last shot is indeed a glimpse of Monet! Beautiful, beautiful captures for the day, Fiona!! Visiting your blog is always a delightful way to begin my day — any day! Hope you have a great week!


  2. You’ve put together a moody post befitting the hallowed season, Fi… and for that the chill it sends down my spine it is truly perfect! But I must equally admit that this does not help to make me eager to embrace the transition from tropical summer to eastern EU winter I am soon to experience! LOL!


  3. Beautiful mysterious and um, cold! But I’m trying to ignore that. I absolutely LOVE the Cezanne quote and am stealing it for my motto ;>)….it sounds so much better than saying “wow, I forgot how (….. ) made me feel yesterday!” Seriously, I am off to look up the context of that quote. I really do love it.


  4. I love the fog like you do, seeing how you took these photos and wrote those poetical lines. I also loved the photos of Tosca and the story of her and the old lady. Very touching.


  5. Fantastic photos!! In front of me, suddenly magical world appeared. I had a hunch that an adventurous story would start. All of them are fabulous!
    LadyFi,Have a wonderful week.


  6. After my longer than expected internet absence it is so good to be back enjoying your atmospheric photography once more.


  7. Love love love this post! So fitting for Halloween! So happy I found your blog on this particular day to catch those foggy wonders–some of my favourite images involve fog 🙂
    Happy Halloween!


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