The winged sky

We’ve had some deliciously foggy October mornings

That part to reveal unexpected pleasures.

The geese honk their farewells loudly

As they sail above me in the mist.

My spirits rise up

And I let my worries float away on the winged sky.

For more worry-free skies, please visit: Skywatch.

And for more winged loveliness, go to: Camera Critters.

84 thoughts on “The winged sky

  1. How beautiful and how wonderful to have been able to capture them! And you always have wise words that always give a lift to the start of my day! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. That first shot is SPECTACULAR!! And you were there to witness this!! This morning we passed a crane standing in the salt marsh here and thought what a ‘capture ‘that would be.


  3. stunning Fiona…! We were driving into the city this a.m. and saw a heron gliding along the water and I said to Jim…oh a video…oh I can’t…it’s over! Think I may go to that area on foot and try to capture something!


  4. Very nice and atmospheric shots of all those birds.
    In a way I can almost here them, because a lot ot them have landed in the Frisian meadows meanwhile, I think. 🙂
    Thnaks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


  5. These are beautiful I spent two hours outside in the damp fog waiting for the sunrise after 240 shots (I am a little obsessive) I came in. It was so worth it.
    I love your photography. B


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