A beautiful start

Tiptoeing out with my best buddy

To savour the dawn of a beautiful new day

And seeing this…

Renewal for the soul, don’t you think?

For more purple in the sky, please visit: Skywatch.

I’m down with a bad cold, so also hooking up to: Camera Critters.

93 thoughts on “A beautiful start

  1. Magnificent shot. Not only with regard to color, which is stunning by the way, but also with regard to setting. Your dog looking into that horizon, along with the pier extending outward toward it is a superb use of the elements. I love the way you “see.”


  2. You do have awesome skies in your world! The purple colors are terrific! Oscar does appear to enjoy the beauty as well! They make great companions to share the beauty with, don’t they!! Superb capture as always!


  3. Oh yes, renewal of the soul indeed! Oscar sure seems to agree! Hope this calm view also restores you to perfect wellness soon! (I continue to savour your lovely photos as I get them into my mailbox.)


  4. Wow!! I would love to see a morning that purple!! And Oscar is just sitting there, drinking it all in…
    In the next post, I love that shot of the fluff!!!


  5. I think you should rent out this view to people who want to take pictures – possibly the dog as well!

    Great image.

    It seems that people like my spring shot – it did not come out as I saw it in my head, but all the positive comments must mean something!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Australia


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