Shooting from the foot

I like to try out new (slightly crazy) ways of taking shots.

Like placing the camera near the ground and letting it focus on whatever it wants.

I don’t look through the viewfinder so have no way of knowing what is in the frame.

The results? An abstract moonscape made out of mushrooms;

A family nestled close to each other for comfort;

A rainbow captured in the soft down of a dandelion —

And the deliciously dewy grass of early autumn.

For more focused shots, please visit: Our World.

92 thoughts on “Shooting from the foot

  1. Not crazy. T’z how we capture and see that quirky wondrous world that plays out right in front of our noses. The last one is bedazzled, yet reminds me of the layers of a vegetarian lasagna.


  2. I love that close knit family of mushrooms with their beautiful soft caramel tops … Isn’t that colour just SO gorgeous?
    Instead of shooting from the hip you’re shooting from the foot …. I love it!


  3. Well you certainly avoided shooting yourself in the foot with these! Outstanding shots, one and all. I especially like the first and last shots – the depth of field in the focal range gives a beautiful effect. You’ve a gift. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  4. These are beautiful images, What a lovely idea. The dandelion and the last shot of the grasses are my favorites, but they are all wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week ahead.


  5. This is a stunning series! I want to touch mushrooms -they are so smooth- and blow the “santa clause” (as we called the fluffy dandelion seeds as kids). And that last one is like a magical fairyland. Beautiful!! I would love you to contribute to Mandarin Orange Monday!


  6. curiosity is the best photo getting i can think of .. occasionally i lift my camera above my head – here in a city putting it on the ground means you might get shots of something gross – and do the same, let the camera choose .. interesting results … love your’s.


  7. I love that you do this
    it must be wonderful to see what you’ve captured
    there are so few surprises with digital, this is great

    I love the mushroom family


  8. Ha!….. one of the three pics of mine that I bothered to frame was one of a bunch of snowdrops that i took by holding the camera at my foot and pointing it up at the sky!….. wonderful way to get different framing!…… thank you for sharing!…..;)


  9. Used a similar method for my night shots – 1. Place camera on solid object 2. Set self-timer to avoid camera shake 3. Press shutter button. 4. Repeat 3 as often as you like.

    Seemed to work!

    Stewart M


  10. Seriously gorgeous images, what a great viewpoint you’ve captured here.. You realize you will be responsibly for many enthusiastic photographers out there getting into some strange positions to achieve this same perspective haha!


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