95 thoughts on “The silhouettes of summer

  1. Indeed perfect silhouettes for the day and great colors from the purples to the oranges and yellows and the still water. I’m all chilled out now.


  2. Visiting your blog is a lot like visiting a beautiful, inspiring sanctuary, an extraordinary oasis of beauty and calm. Outstanding photo shots, as usual.


  3. So true – what a wonderful end to the day. Love that place. Your images of it help me to often picture it in my mind. Thanks for the beauty, Fiona.


  4. What is more beautiful than the image of setting sun? -seen a few sunrises that came close or just as. But sunsets always have that moody quiet feeling about them.


  5. Again – so very fantastic photos, both of the sky and the morning mist!! I do love the morning mist on this photo! =)

    I’ve now watched your previous posts, so lovely, so lovely, each and one! 🙂


  6. Your do indeed have gorgeous skies/sunsets/dawns and always delightful to see the kids and their four-legged friend enjoying and making the most of the beauty!! Have a great weekend, Fiona!!


    1. He would swim every single day if I let him. He needs to dry out every now and then so he usually swims 3-4 times a week, but if it’s very hot, then every day.


  7. Lovely pics and great memories. Soon your kids will be too busy for those quiet evenings by the lake and you’ll appreciate these pictures even more. Cheers, Danette


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