It’s been a cool summer,

But a few days in July were hot and steamy.

It was a strange feeling to wake up to an autumnal landscape

But to feel so very sticky and sweaty.

The peonies drooped their graceful heads

In the heat —

And even the fallen petals seemed to be sweating

In the early morning dew.

And where one peony had almost finished blooming

Another was eagerly waiting to take its place.

It’s the cycle of life, the cycle of the seasons waxing and waning.

The bee emerging from deep within the peony departs reluctantly — Basho

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78 thoughts on “Steamy!

  1. The peonies are gorgeous and you are indeed an amazing photographer! I love your captures for the day! Hope you have a great week!


  2. Well, this looks like a fun meme! Your peony shots are so beautiful and I love the way you told the story. You have a wonderful way with words.


  3. Beautiful peonies– a favorite! Although I do not love the ant is requires to form so beautiful a blossom. -Cheers! Danette


  4. we had a hot summer, but one day last week we woke up in the middle of autumn. luckily, it only lasted 24 hours, but September is coming…


  5. Ladyfi,
    First photo brings me cool, comfortable autumn which I am waiting for badly!! Oh, poor peony flowers! During Japan’s notorious summer I am something like them, melting. Especially I love the first one!! Fabulous.


  6. Yes, peonies are a beautiful flower. But the like cool climates. We can’t grow them here in Hamilton because our climate is too mild – Dave


  7. I love the delicate nature of the petals, especially in the last photo – you captured it beautifully.


  8. It’s rather wet in England too this summer.
    I went to Sheffield this bank holiday! Ha~
    Originally I wanted to visit the Peak District and use Sheffield as a base.
    But the weather was so rubbish, so I stayed in the town instead…
    Still, it’s a lovely place to explore.
    Come and see my photos tomorrow.


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