Be dazzled

You’re never too old

Or too young

To enjoy the rich, vibrant honey

Of a dazzling sunset

With your best buddy —

(Makes it even sweeter if you’re brother and sister).

Thank you everyone for entering my give-away. The lucky winner is the amazing Inner Chick – do visit and say hi to her!

Prepare to be bedazzled at Skywatch!

77 thoughts on “Be dazzled

  1. Such a beautiful post and photos for the day!! Wonderful to see your children sharing and enjoying the beauty of such an incredible sunset! These are the photos you want to keep forever! Have a lovely weekend — all of you!


  2. Your place for comments is totally hidden which shows you how much I wanted to return the visit to my blog. Thanks for your comment and I love these photos and thoughts. I will (attempt) to add you to my follow list.


  3. Your blog is so wonderful. All of it. I love the header. This dazzling shot is perfect and so is the matching text. The wordpress blogs are so much more professional looking. Your page is one of the best I have seen. They are easy to read, well laid out and they work!!! oh and yours is beautiful Lady Fi.


  4. I love brother/sister moments like this Fiona, I have so many shots of my two enjoying each others company, so wonderful to look back on.


  5. A beautiful sunset! You should also submit it on my new photo meme, Orange You Glad It’s Friday, featuring photography with a little or a lot of orange! It can be found on my blog every Friday. Hope to see you there!


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