71 thoughts on “Double dose of golden

  1. It’s a strange thing Fiona, but this place which you have captured in so many moods has become quite a part of me. In quiet moments I often have images of it rising up in me and I’m able to remember a particular way and mood in which you have captured it. Going to your blog is like going to that place. Hope you don’t mind – I don’t want to intrude.


    1. Oh, I’m so honoured that you appreciate the lake in all its moods. Please – it belongs to everyone and isn’t just mine. Like you, I’m just a visitor and the more the merrier!


  2. It surely doesn’t get any better than this! Oscar is such a beauty and your world takes my breath away!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. I love looking at your photos! Some days it’s the serenity of the photo that bring calmness at the end of a busy day. Other days it’s the vibrancy of the subject that highlight the many unnoticed wonders in life. Thank you…


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